Deutschland Wins World Cup at 115 Minute Mark



Hey, everyone!  How about that World Cup Final game?  For those of you that watched it you already know what happened.  For those who haven’t- this is for you.

As stated above, Deutschland scored the first goal of the game at the 115 minute mark.  Up until that point both teams were both performing excellently;  Argentina’s defense was impenetrable as was Deutschland”s.  Both teams almost scored on each other multiple times, but in the end Götze -who was a substitute – scored for Deutschland.   Receiving the pass from Schürrle to his chest, the ball fell right into the path of the kick from his left foot, sending the ball zipping into the net right past Argentina’s Goal Keeper.
However, Deutschland’s win is not just another World Cup victory.  It marks the first time a European team has won the Cup in the Americas: North, South, and Central.  2404986_full-lndSo way to go Deutschland; you just made history!

On a final note,  How about Schweinsteiger getting taken out time and time again?  I think they need to create a new award for the most times injured on the field.  But what a trooper; every time he went down, he came right back up to play again.  Job well done…  Job well done.