Amazing Spider-Man relaunch

This is Cindy Moon and in a recent re-launch of the Amazing Spider-Manseries, she was introduced as a classmate of Peter Parker’s. Much Like Parker, her life is transformed when a radioactive spider bites her and grants her superpowers. Unlike her famous counterpart, she’s an Asian-American woman, making her one of the few heroes of color let alone female heroes of color in the entire Marvel universe. Moon, also know as Silk, will be given her own comic series starting in 2015.


Angry Asian Man repots that Marvel announced the series at a New York Comic Con panel this weekend, and writer Robbie Thompson and artist Stacey Lee will pen the first issue.

The series will start following a decade of self-imposed exile for the character. Thompson says the dynamic will be “kind of like being from a small town, leaving when you’re 18 years old, and then coming back for your 10-year high school reunion. There’s that culture clash of the town and your friends have moved on without you and you had this 10-year journey that’s obviously, for her, been very insular.” Her appearance is already part of a self-described new era for Marvel, with their recent forays into diversified representation whether it’s Kamala Khan, their first Muslim female superhero, or the reintroduction of Captain America as a black man are part of an ongoing attempt to reflect the growing diversity of their readers.


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