Mario Kart 8 DLC news Incoming.

When Link arrives in Mario Kart 8 next month, Nintendo said he’ll be bringing a new kart-friendly version of his trusty steed with him. Nintendo kinda revealed the Zelda-themed ride today in a message from the Nintendo of America Twitter account. It’s called the “Master Cycle,” and while NOA only provided fans with a sketch, they promised it’ll have “plenty of horse power.” It’s worth noting that while Link’s new bike is only the second Zelda-related thing that Nintendo’s confirmed for Mario Kart 8, they’ve also left players with some big hints about themed racetracks. Here’s the relevant section from Nintendo’s original announcement. Each Add On Content pack will contain two new cups, each with four courses, which, in total, increases the number of available courses by 50 percent. The Add On Content packs include classics like Wario’s Gold Mine from Mario Kart Wii, as well as new courses, some taking place in the worlds of The Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing. New vehicles will also arrive with each pack, including the Blue Falcon kart representing the F-Zero franchise in the first AOC pack.

Mario Kart 8 Pack 1 – Released: November 2014
Pack 1 includes:
3 Characters: Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, Link
4 Vehicles
8 Courses

Players who pre-ordered the new DLC, meanwhile, see a Triforce icon every time they hop over to Mario Kart 8’s Grand Prix menu. I’m guessing some people will take that as a sign that there’s a Hyrulian cup coming in the near future. The only way to be sure is to wait for another announcement from Nintendo OR you know just wait for the DLC pack to come out.


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