Nex-Gen graphics might blow your mind

The next Tomb Raider wants to bring a new level of realism that should be better than what we expect to see in games. I never thought that last generations graphics had quite hit there peak but looking at what developers are striving to accomplish with the next-gen systems I’m not feeling the growing pains that I’ve felt with prior generation shifts. Earlier in the year the graphically upgraded version of Tomb Raider came to Xbox One and PS4 and showed an improvement in realism over the already fantastic graphics of the last-gen versions. But a recent tweet by Lara Croft actress Camilla Luddington hints that the next iteration in the franchise could have even more realistic graphics. She posted a photo of her face under a black-light that she captioned “This is MOVA,”

a fluorescent paint sprayed all over my face to give 7000 points of reference.” Those points of reference are used in motion capture. Normal facial motion capture uses 90 points of reference. Now we just have to wait to see how much more realistic this will make the game. With motion capture in film becoming more advanced those technologies are making their way into games and making those games believe it or not even better looking.


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