2014 Comic-Con Swag crisis?

Comic-Con has been over for almost a week now but one thing that I noticed this year at the convention was people saying that over the last few years San Diego Comic-Con has ended with people feeling that the freebies that once flowed freely are no longer as readily available.  Mostly Ive heard that the bags and shirts are becoming more scarce in favor of other types of freebies.  From my experience this year at the convention It’s inarguable that companies on the SDCC floor are giving out less t-shirts, bags and posters than back when I last attended in 2010 or 2011, but does that mean that there’s less freebies in general?  And if so is that really such a bad thing? I mostly looked for the booths giving out books and comics but is Comic-Con about the freebies you get of the experience you have while you are at the convention and the people you get to meet.  For me one of the highlights of the convention was sitting down in the game room with my girlfriend to play FLUXX and meeting a delightful family and playing a few games as we both took a break from the mass number of people trudging about the exhibition hall. That experience lead me back into the exhibition hall and to the FLUXX booth/table twice and I got to meet the creator of the game which was really cool.  Comic-Con has so much going on you get to choose your experience.  But where does this leave the future of swag hunting at SDCC?  Honestly I’m not sure but I doubt its going to go away completely.    


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