Three of the biggest gaming services where attacked this weekend!

Incase you didn’t realize it or where unaffected congrats but three of the biggest gaming services on the planet where down for parts of the weekend, with DDoS attacks hitting the servers of the PlayStation Network, Riot’s League of Legends and Blizzard’s

Again if your not in the know DDoS is a fancy technical term meaning (distributed denial-of-service) which is an attack when bots are used to flood a system (usually with external communications requests), overwhelming it and making it unusable.

Blizzard was hit on Saturday, with service mostly restored by early on Sunday morning.

League of Legends was attacked on Saturday.

Sony’s issues had been ongoing but as of now Sony says the PSN is pretty much back

The DDoS attacks on Sony also extended to Sony Online Entertainment servers.


Jumping Back Into Anime.

Recently I got back into watching anime after quite a long break and I have found some real gems like Sword Art Online and Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple. It feels nice to jump back into this fandom?…. Fandom works right? Whatever I think it’s nice to jump back in after a break and come back fresh and I’m excited about it all over again. Now I do most of my anime watching via Netflix and I’m not a fan of subtitles mostly because while watching I normally am doing something else like as I write this I have Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne on. There are the occasional ones where despite my best efforts to be productive I get sucked in and Sword Art Online is a great example of that for me at least. I’ve yet to go back and re-watch any of my old favorites and that’s probably due to me having at least four years of stuff that came out when I wasn’t playing attention. But that is about to change thanks to my better half, I now have every episode of Sailor Moon ever and I have a feeling it’s what I’ll be watching after I finish Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne. I know super many right?

“RWBY” From Rooster Teeth Will Be The First American Anime Exported to Japan

Austin, Texas-based digital production studio Rooster Teeth will soon have at least one of its hit series exported overseas.  The production company has made a deal with Warner Brothers Home Entertainment Japan to bring their hit anime series RWBY to Japan, where the show, starting with RWBY: Volume 1, it will be redubbed in Japanese for release on Blu-Ray and DVD in 2015.  “As huge fans of anime, we are honored that RWBY is the first American anime production to be exported to audiences in Japan,” said Matt Hullum,  who is Rooster Teeth’s Co-Founder and CEO, in a press release he when to to say. “We look forward to working with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Japan to bring our unique style of this animation to the art form’s native country.”  Created by Rooster Teeth’s Director of Animation, Monty Oum, RWBY has become a runaway hit and might just rival the popularity of there original hit Red v.s Blue.  If your not in the know RWBY is about four young women named  who all have a legendary calling to slay monsters and save the world. However, while attending school to learn how to become Huntresses, they learn they’ll have to work together to save lives, graduate and just maybe save the world.

Save transfers for Diablo III Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition

With Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition out today you might be happy to hear that
As of today, “cross-brand” and “cross-generational” transfers have been enabled for Diablo III on supported PlayStation and Xbox platforms. This will allow players to export their save data from Diablo III on the PS3 and Xbox 360 and import it to Ultimate Evil Edition on the PS4 or Xbox One. The process of transferring your saved is simple, thanks to the good folks on Blizzard and they have included a step-by-step guide below to get you started. And we have the link to that fantastic guide bellow.

Venom in Guardians of the Galaxy?

This November in Guardians of the Galaxy the origins of Venom will be explored when the Guardians travel to a planet full of symbiotes! Le Gasp The story will be a three-issue arc called ““Planet Of The Symbiotes,” written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by an artist new to the title, Valerio Schiti.

With the Guardians of the Galaxy movie is currently in theaters and a Venom solo movie is currently in the works, “Planet of the Symbiotes” could never happen in the movies for now at least because different studios own their screen rights a fact Bendis looks to be capitalizing on.
“At least for now, the legality of copyright and trademark would make certain storylines impossible in the movies,” Bendis told MTV News, who broke this news. “I like doing it for the comics!” He said, now while Eddie Brock may be the first person to become Venom, the character currently wearing the symbiote in the comics is Peter Parker’s best friend, Flash Thompson. After losing his legs in combat as a US soldier, the US Government gave him the symbiote in order to give him new legs and put him back in the field as “Agent Venom.” With his suit being of alien origins, Agent Venom joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, and now they are on a journey to learn more about the suit, which curiously has never had its origin fully explained. There are major questions about the symbiote that have never been touched and it’s not even retconning it was just wasn’t there.
This story has been seeded in Guardians of the Galaxy by Bendis, who wrote a scene where Flash was on an alien world and got a nasty reaction from the citizens there because he was wearing a symbiote. As it turns out, that particular incident comes from Bendis’s personal life, and it’s something he wants to explore.

Rise of the Publicity

Do you hear the news yesterday about the new Tomb Raider game? Did it fill you full of nerdy rage or did you see through the clever marketing gimmick? If you have no Idea what I’m talking about The next Tomb Raider game Rise of the Tomb Raider was announced as a holiday 2015 Xbox one exclusive. But today some more light has been shed on Rise of the Tomb Raider and it may see a release on other platforms after all, as the Xbox exclusivity agreement “has a duration,” according to Microsoft executive Phil Spencer. There was no word on how long it will be for only the Xbox One or how much the deal cost Microsoft. But it was a smartish move for developer Crystal Dynamics it keeps there game out of competition with the next uncharted which is also due out this holiday season and they got some buzz about the game. The one downside for the developer was the legions of angry PlayStation fanboys that raged against the internet due to the misleading statement. But who should they be mad at Microsoft for how they presented the information or the developer Crystal Dynamics for making the deal and taking the sequel to a multi-platform hit away from them for an undisclosed amount of time?


    It’s been rather back and forth on this.  I, like most fans would rather film versions of our favorite media be quite true to the source material.  Sometimes they are close, like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. And other times, they are way off(Watchers, Starship Troopers, TMNT, Aragon, etc.).  This is generally due to whatever demographic they are aiming their product at. Sometimes it is the personal likes/dislikes of the material by the Director or Producer or Scriptwriter that cause the story to stray.  Either way, it is like flipping a coin, as to whether their version will be a success or not.   

    I bring this up, primarily because I am sick of horrible film adaptations of my favorite stories.  I was really trying to stay positive on the reboots of previous adaptations that failed, as well.  But, the reboots seem to fall in line with the others.  Flip of a coin.  Will there ever be a good adaptation of The Phantom, or TMNT? Maybe the stories I love, are not loved by others?  Perhaps I have to go the route of crowd funding, and make my own as a fan film.  Voltron, Star Trek(original series), and Mortal Kombat have done it.  But I digress.

    As of late, in all honesty, there has been a lot of fairly true adaptations.  And, I hope that trend continues.  What Disney has done with the Marvel properties has given me hope.  So, let’s just see what happens.  Star Wars Episode 7 will be here in no time, and I wonder what will be different(no lens flare please), and what will remain the same(bring back Lando!).  Only J.J. knows for sure, right?

Keep your fingers crossed!  Hmmmm…Indie Go Go, eh?…