Pirates Classes!

While driving to wherever I was headed I spotted, out of the corner of my eye, a building promoting “Pirate Classes.” Having passed the building while on the freeway, I decided to make a mental note and investigate later.  But it just kept eating away at my attention;  Was this merely an all-too-specific acting class? Or was this truly about becoming a swashbuckling privateer? Visions of receiving my diploma from a peg-leg Pete danced across my mind. This was followed by seeing myself all pirated-up, bounding across the poop deck, barking orders to my scallywag crew, and spinning the ships wheel with a green eye-patched parrot on my shoulder.  Smelling the sea air and adventuring to the far ends of the earth! But then my dreams were dashed when I saw the sign on the building again…”Pilates Classes.”


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