When Star Wars invades our world…

As kids, we used to fantasize about stormtroopers invading our malls, schools, and sporting events because, well, we wanted Star Wars to be everywhere! Thanks to the Rebel Legion, 501st and other costumers and organizations, we’ve gotten pretty complacent with “Star Wars Everywhere” at our charity and community events, to the point where we no longer blink to see members of the Family Skywalker -light or dark side- walking the halls of a kid’s hospital.

Nearly ten years ago, artist Cédric Delseux took “Star Wars Everywhere” a bit further, putting Star Wars in our everyday lives with his “Dark Lens” series. Parking garages,  urban ruins, and landmarks in countries around the world are invaded seamlessly by the toys, statues and models of our fandom, giving them a terrific sense of scale and making our world just a bit creepier.

Full Gallery and Artist info are here.

The Falcon's Hiding Place, Dubai, 2009


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